Interactive Comic

This comic is currently in it's alpha stage of development. If you are reading this and checking out the comic we consider you a contributor and we greatly value your input as we work towards making this is a polished and enjoyable overall experience going forward.

As you will see, it is not a regular comic, it is 3D and interactive. It is a way to start introducing people to the characters and the world of Gladiotron as we simultaneously develop a game based on the same characters. We are using character models, animations and more in both the comic and the game. As far as I can tell, what we are doing hasn't really been done a lot before on the web (if at all??), so it's been a bit of a process to get things even to this state. So to be clear, what we are doing is an interactive comic, with 3D panels that you can manipulate, and also releasing the content in a serialized manner so that we can share regular updates just like you would see in a typical flat web-comic (again, I've seen 3d comics, and 3d on the web, but nothing quite like what we're doing. If you know of something similar in terms of format and delivery, please let us know! It's always good to learn and grow from what others have done).

Feel free to explore and provide feedback. We will be uploading more content as the story progresses, but it is an ongoing development process and things will like change over time as we nail down our process (including panels that have already been released!).

We are taking the ready, launch, aim approach to development so things will likely be pretty rough around the edges at the outset, but we will grow into something a lot cooler.

Also, this is an audio/visual experience so headphones are recommended! Some pages/panels may take a little while to load...we will be working on that too, so please be patient!

Other than that, please enjoy and we are grateful for any feedback! We have a comments section on each page, so please feel free to share your thoughts!

Thanks everyone!

-Gavin Ball


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